Disability Services

The mission of the Navarro College Disability Services Office (NCDSO) is to assist, support, and enhance the students' college experience and facilitate equal access to all services and programs at Navarro College, through the provision of reasonable accommodation in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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​Office Hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., with extended hours during peak registration periods.

Main Office-Corsicana Campus

Gooch One Stop Student Center

First Floor, Room 223

903-875-7391 (fax)

Director of Disability & Access Services


903-875-7391 (fax)​

Disability Services Assistant
Campus Advisors

Mexia Campus

Marissa Santos*


*Spanish speaking services available

Midlothian Campus​​​

Erika Roland


Waxahachie Campus

Renee Ramsey


​To request academic accommodations:

Students must be admitted to Navarro College prior to submitting a request for services

New students must:

1. ​Complete the online Application / Request for Services​. ​​​​​​

Students who complete an application but do not provide documentation or complete the intake process are not eligible to receive accommodations. In such cases, the Navarro College Disability Services Office will make a reasonable effort to contact the student. If the student does not respond within thirty days or chooses not to complete the process, the student’s disability information will not be retained.​​

​2. Submit the appropriate documentation.

An educational, medical and/or a psychological diagnostic evaluation report is required as part of this application. The documentation must be current. It must be a well-written report with an interpretive summary based on a comprehensive evaluation that provides evidence of your disability and its limitations to your mobility and/or academic performance. The evaluation must be conducted by a qualified professional with comprehensive training and relevant experience related to your diagnosis.

3. ​C​omplete​ an Intake Interview. ​​

The Intake interview or initial meeting includes a brief review of the submitted documentation and request for academic accommodations, as well as a review of the student’s educational goals and the academic program. This meeting can take place in person or via phone. Disability Services will notify you via email to schedule an appointment.

Current students must:

Students must submit a request for accommodations each semester.

Complete the online Semester Request​.

​Students requesting assistance from the Disability Services Office must request accommodations each semester by logging into their Navarro College Disability Services Accommodate account to submit a semester request.

Please note that you are responsible for:

1. Contacting the Navarro College Disability Services Officeat least two weeks before subsequent semesters to receive an updated disability letter (four weeks when adaptive equipment or interpreter services are needed). Failure to do so could result in delay or suspension of services.

2. Submitting and discussing your approved academic accommodations with each of your instructors after receiving your accommodation letter to make specific arrangements for any necessary accommodations. Understand that your accommodations are not retroactive and are not applicable until you have discussed the academic accommodations with your instructor(s).

Setting up any special testing arrangements agreed upon with your instructor and, if applicable, for making an appointment with the Testing Center at least one week in advance of any test deadline. Otherwise, there is no guarantee that the accommodations can be in place when needed.