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All financial aid information is available in Self-Service.

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FAFSA Application

Apply for financial aid through the FAFSA website

Navarro College Financial Aid

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Login to this site to see your lifetime student loan usage.

Refund Policy

Navarro College refunds all financial aid through Bank Mobile. First time students over the age of 16 receive a Refund Selection Kit at the mailing address on file with the Admissions office. This kit lets students choose how to receive their refund. Students will receive all future refunds through the option they select. Visit for more information. Self-Service balances are adjusted for current enrollment status. If you are less than full time (12 hours) your Pell Grant refund is less than your total award.

Police academy students from all campuses are refunded by check through the Corsicana business office on the listed refund date.

If a student receives aid and then withdraws or is dropped from all courses, the student will have to repay some or all of the money. The amount is based on the date the student withdraws from the semester. Any money owed must be repaid to re-enroll, request transcripts, or to receive new financial aid.

Disbursement Information

Financial aid is disbursed based on the number of courses at the time. Students with multiple start dates must have all tuition for the semester paid before being refunded. Students who enroll in a late start class (ex. 8 week) after their aid has been disbursed will be responsible for payment of the tuition of the class. Federal loans require at least half-time enrollment (6 hours). Disbursement date(s) will be based on the date in which you begin your 6th credit hour.

Book Availability

Students can use financial aid in the bookstore the week before classes begin. Financial aid is available to use until the end of the first week of school so that refunds can be made on the dates below. New Loan Borrowers, with no other types of financial aid will be need to pay for their own books.

First Time Borrowers and New Students

A student who is a first time borrower has a 30 day wait from the first day of class. First time borrowers will not receive the loans in time to pay for tuition or books.

Accepting your loans can be done on Self-Service.

Accept/Decline your loans on Self-Service.

Payment options can be found at

Navarro College Payment Options

Refund Dates

Refund dates listed are for students enrolled and awarded before the first day of class. All students enrolled or awarded after the first day of class will be refunded within 14 business days. Students receiving funds on their BankMobile card have access to the funds by the end of the listed business day. Students who choose direct deposit my have a 1-3 business day delay while funds transfer between banks.

2023 Refund Dates

Fall 2023 16wk
Pell - 9/8/2023
Repeat Loan Borrowers - 9/8/2023
New Loan Borrower - 10/06/2023

Spring / Summer 2024

Spring 2024 16wk
Pell - 1/26/2024
Repeat Loan Borrowers - 1/26/2024
New Loan Borrowers - 2/23/2024
2nd Disbursement Spring only loan - 3/29/2024
Summer 2024 - June Start
Pell - 6/14/2024
Repeat Loan Borrowers - 6/14/2024
2nd Disbursement Summer 16wk loan - 6/28/2024
New Loan Borrowers - 7/12/2024
2nd Disbursement Summer 16wk loan - 7/19/2024
Summer 2024 - July Start
Pell - 7/19/2024
Repeat Loan Borrowers - 7/19/2024
2nd Disbursement Repeat - 8/02/2024
New Loan Borrowers 1st and 2nd Disbursement - 8/16/2024

Fall 2023 Police Academy Day

Police Academy Day
Pell Grant 1st Disb - 9/8/23
Pell Grant 2nd Disb - 11/3/23
Repeat Loan Borrower 1st Disb - 9/8/23
New Loan Borrower 1st Disb - 10/06/23
All Loan Borrower 2nd Disb - 11/3/23

Fall 2023 Police Academy Night

Police Academy Night
Pell Grant 1st Disb – 9/8/23
Pell Grant 2nd Disb – 2/9/24
Repeat Loan Borrower 1st Disb – 9/8/23
New Loan Borrower 1st Disb – 10/6/23
All Loan Borrower 2nd Disb – 2/9/24

Spring 2024 Police Academy Day

Police Academy Day
Pell Grant 1st Disb - January 26, 2024
Pell Grant 2nd Disb - April 5, 2024
Repeat Loan Borrower - 1st Disb January 26, 2024
New Loan Borrower 1st Disb - February 23, 2024
All Loan Borrower 2nd Disb - April 5, 2024