​We​lcome to TRIO Student Support Services (TRIO SSS)

TRIO SSS is a federally-funded grant program sponsored by the United States Department of Education. With its $445,609 budget, TRIO SSS serves a total of 300 students at Navarro College (all campuses). TRIO SSS is dedicated to assisting all program participants to successfully achieve their personal and academic goals. In order to participate in the TRIO SSS program, students must complete the Navarro College TRIO SSS application, meet eligibility requirements, and complete an interview with the Project Director. Once accepted to the TRIO SSS program, students will benefit from the following FREE student support services.

TRIO Student Support Services provided

  • Academic advising and course registration
  • Career and major exploration assistance
  • One-on-one or group tutoring
  • Financial Aid application (FAFSA) completion assistance
  • Scholarship and grant opportunity search
  • Advising on transfer to a 4-year university
  • Campus tours of 4-year universities
  • Academic Skills workshops
  • Computer usage with access to internet
  • Printing for academic purposes
  • Possible Grant Aid for active participants who meet eligibility requirements
  • Contact Us

    Assistant Director


    Tutoring services provide FREE individual or group assistance to TRIO SSS participants in a number of developmental and academic core courses. TRIO SSS provides both peer and professional tutoring in order to support students in their academic success. Walk-in and scheduled tutoring sessions are available.

    For additional Navarro College tutoring resources, visit the Learning Commons website.​


    How can TRIO SSS help me?

    ​Navarro College's TRIO Support Support Services program offers the following services to approved TRIO SSS participants:

  • Academic Advising
  • One-on-one and Group Tutoring
  • Assistance with Transferring to a Four-Year University
  • FAFSA Completion Assistance
  • Financial Aid Assistance including scholarships
  • Computer Laboratory use and printing for academic purposes
  • Career and Personal Advising​​​​​​
  • Where is TRIO SSS located?

    TRIO SSS is located on the top floor of the Gooch One-Stop Center.​

    Who is eligible for TRIO SSS?

    Registered Navarro College student

    Must be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or meet the residency requirements for Federal student financial assistance (Pell Grant).

    Demonstrate an academic need

    One or more of the following must apply to you:

    Student comes from a low income family

    Student’s parents have not completed a four-year college degree (Bachelor’s)

    Student has a physical, learning, or mental health disability